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Selected projects

Hashtagpaid Website Development
Hashtag Paid

A visually rich website makes for a great first impact.

#paid was growing and need to update their site to reflect their growth. A great design showing what they can do for influencers and marketers.

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Loom Website Development
Petal Card

One of the best companies using Webflow the right way.

Bringing financial opportunity and innovation to everyone. Using great design and Webflow they deliver the marketing pages quickly to the right target market.

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Ellevest Website Development

It was great helping this great team and application

Building Ellevest's website was a pleaser, they have a great team of women helping other women to invest. Awesome designs and photography make navigation this site pretty easy

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Loom Website Development

Great design makes the product shine, and gives me a challenge

Thanks to Rob's design and attention to detail made this project challenging but awesome to work on.

"Kreshnik was incredibly responsive throughout the process and was able to perfectly recreate almost all of our existing pages without the use of custom code. Overall, Kreshnik is very personable and easy to work with, clearly focusing on delivering us the best possible outcome."
- Rob Mach, Creative Director
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Loom Website Development

First website to use the Webflow CMS for real-estate

Amicus are home owners, builders, and technologists redesigning
the off-campus living experience for students and parents.

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Catchpoint Web App UXUI

Great user experience makes all the difference.

Once joining this startup, I started to learn how the application works, who are the users and why they use this application. I found out very quickly the code framework restrictions on updating the user experience and interface.

So the plan was to start updating and designing small features and building user experience patterns from them. After years working we want from design small features to full products. Like RUM, Sonar, Mobile App and much more that become part of the Catchpoint Platform.

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Vera Webflow Template
Write Webflow Template
Artsy CMS Webflow Template
Valley Webflow Website
Grow Webflow Template

Webflow Expert, making custom websites & templates

Webflow is the best platform to build dynamic, responsive websites without writing code. As a Webflow Expert I use this platform for my clients and template. It has been great watching this app grow after a humble start.

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Style Lad iOS App Design
Style Lend

Make money renting out your closet

Style Lend is a place where you can indulge in the coolest and most unique dresses, shoes, and purses, without the guilt of spending more on things that weigh down your closet, your life and the earth. This app soon will be available for download the app store.

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Made in NY Website Redesign
Made In NYC

Up front information, will make for an easy navigation

Searching online about places I could work or just visit in NY I found MADE IN NY. It looked like the perfect case study to give something back to this city. My goals were to make an easier user experience, a fresh new look, clean, responsive, and easy to navigate wearemadeinny.com

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